What we do

HOPE-SBH with a view to create a better future for the lives of these children and their families is involved in various activities. The organization has strong conviction that the cumulative effects of these efforts will bring the desired positive outcome.

Though our organization was established recently in February 2017 it has been witnessing positive outcome through establishing multidisciplinary care system in St. Peter Specialized Hospital pediatric neurosurgery service which we look forward to integrate it in the hospital system. So far we have been undertaking the following activities:-

  • Provide a waiting place for families coming from very distant places and are waiting for surgery. It also goes to post operative recovery to minimize risk of wound infection.
  • Provide continence management training for nurses and children living with spina bifida who are stool and urine incontinent. It prevents renal failure and avoids children’s exclusion socially and from schools.
  • We organize parents educating program in Zewditu Memorial Hospital once in two weeks to promote proper home care for the children. It will also continue in St. Peter Hospital as soon as the pediatric neurosurgery service started.
  • Voicing the concern to government, possible stakeholders and the public.