The Role of Women’s Rights Advocates and Other Stakeholders in Preventing Neural Tube Defects

Date: 26/01/2024 Time: 9:00 AM Venue: Capital Hotel

HOPE-SBH, in collaboration with Nutrition International, is pleased to announce a high-level sensitization event aimed at addressing the pressing issue of folate deficiency among Ethiopian women. Folate deficiency is a significant health concern that can lead to severe consequences, particularly for expectant mothers and their unborn children. This event seeks to raise awareness, foster dialogue, and mobilize collective action to combat this prevalent issue.

The event aims to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Raise awareness about the importance of folate and its role in preventing neural tube defects.
  2. Inform participants about the prevalence and consequences of folate deficiency among Ethiopian women.
  3. Highlight successful intervention strategies and programs implemented globally to address folate deficiency.
  4. Foster collaborative partnerships between stakeholders, including government agencies, healthcare professionals, NGOs, and the private sector, to develop effective solutions and policies.

Event Highlights:

  1. Keynote Addresses: Distinguished speakers from various sectors will share insights and experiences related to tackling folate deficiency.
  2. Panel Discussions: Experts will engage in interactive dialogue, discussing best practices, innovative approaches, and potential solutions.
  3. Case Studies: Real-life examples of successful interventions and strategies from different regions will be showcased.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Participants will have the chance to network and form partnerships with like-minded professionals and organizations.

Target Audience:
This event is open to a wide range of stakeholders, including:

  • Government officials and policymakers
  • Healthcare professionals and nutritionists
  • Representatives from international organizations and NGOs
  • Private sector companies involved in the healthcare, nutrition, and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Academic and research institutions
  • Advocacy groups and civil society organizations
  • Individuals interested in addressing folate deficiency

Note: The event will adhere to all necessary health and safety protocols to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all participants.

Empowering women to prevent Neural Tube Defects

For more information, please contact:
0949484848 / 0920720689 / 0973095959